Modern Middle Girl

Why MMG?

Stuck between a rock and a hard place is something a teenager/young adult

knows all too well. In Far’falla Girl we know the tough place it is to be in life right after High school into your 1st two years of college.

What is MMG?

Modern Middle Girl a support group to help girls figure out this thing called life after ending what is known as their years of childish ways entering into the years of responsibility of

life, love, bills and education. In the beginning of this new chapter into adulthood an MMG stands in a place of uncertainty, yet full of dreams hoping to leave their stamp on this world. 

In  May 2018 our Modern Middle Girls  set out on a journey alongside a life coach to set goals and map out the roads needed to not only discover what they have to offer the world, but also to show them the world that exist beyond the environments they grew up in.

Who is MMG?

MMG is for girls 17 - 21 years old in their 1st year of college. *17 year old girls  currenty enrolled in their last year of High School are welcomed.*