Attending a church on the popular Fullerton Avenue in Chicago is where Lauren Tiffany cultivated her dream to be a world changer. A small fire sparked in the mind of Lauren after meeting Jakita, a young teen mom who desperately needed a mentor and an outlet to release the daily pressures of her life. After meeting Jakita, Lauren wondered how many other girls sat in that very church that needed the same.  In 2005, 'Straight Modest' was born. A group of 20 girls, ranging in age from 10-16 years old, gathered in Logan Square in a small basement apartment on a Saturday morning to embark on a 22 week journey of self-discovery modesty and confidence. Straight Modest success dictated that Lauren keep going in making a difference.

In 2007, 'Modestly Yours', a sex education class launched for girls 10–14 years old whose parents dreaded the sex talk, yet trusted Lauren to lead them in wisdom. From that success Modest Princess was in full effect. Teaching little girls 5-10 years old etiquette and confidence classes, which provided tools the girls would use as they grew older. After taking a sabbatical to pursue her education in Fashion Design for 3 years, Lauren resurrected 'Straight Modest' and transitioned it into what is now known as Far’falla Girl in 2011. The program was revamped and branched out into community centers, including Lighthouse located on the Southside of Chicago and the Dream Center located in Humboldt Park.

In 2014, Far’falla Girl jumped into a whole new arena, Chicago Public Schools,’ starting with ACE Technical Charter High School on the south side. While at ACE Tech, Far’falla Girl created new programs: Art Therapy, Intern for a Day, and the Annual Spring Break Sleepover. After a year success in Ace Tech, Chicago Public Schools would become a yearly routine to reach the mass of young ladies on a daily basis.

In 2016, Far’falla Girl stepped into a second Chicago Public School, Young Women’s Leadership Charter High School, after getting to know the younger sister of one of the ACE Tech Far’falla Girls. As of October 2018 you can catch Far’falla Girl in their 3rd year of classes in Young Women’s Leadership Charter School and 2nd year at Bradwell School of Excellence, both in Chicago.

In 2017, Far’falla Girl finally began their fundraising  initiative hosting events at Kendra Scott Jewelry and Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago. Far’falla Girl also launched Confidence, Cocktails, and Conversation, a networking event for women ages 21 and up. In Summer of 2017 Lauren went back to the drawing board and produced a Summer Series entitled, Beyond the Scars Art show & workshop held at Columbia College Chicago & La Maison D’Art in New York City. In Fall of 2017, Far’falla Girl held their 1st ever Retreat. A  2 night/2 day adventure for Far’falla Girls young and old. In addition, Far’falla Girl partnered with Maypole Studios to form the Glitter Wing Project – Prom Dress Drive to sponsor 15 senior high school girls for prom attire in 2017.

In 2018, Far’falla Girl launched their biggest project, Bella Elite. A seasonal blog platform where girls 14+ would have the opportunity to share their truths, ideas and most importantly heart through writings, pictures and love for art and fashion. We also set out on a new mission with Modern Middle Girl (MMG) our life survivial program for girls 18-20 years old. The last 14 years have been an amazing journey!

Now here we are in 2019! A new year, new groups of girls and an endless amount of opportunities to change the world for girls!