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on 29 Jan 2018 1:00 AM
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I wrote many drafts trying to think of the right words to talk about the launch of the Bella Elite Blog. I have the privilege and honor to be able to read each and every story, interview and quote before the world.

The one thing I can see throughout the blog is that girls just want to be heard. Bella Elite was created as a place where a girl can write and speak in their own voice, dispel rumors written on Facebook and let those around them know ‘We are Strong, We are a Sisterhood and WE STAND TOGETHER.

Bella Elite wants to serve as a catalyst in developing the confidence in a young girl and give her a place where she will be able to write in her own voice, create the storyline and not be judged or critiqued because of her age, social standing or education. A place where their stories can provoke conversations, give fresh outlooks to old problem or just help you in realizing the next generation has a lot to say. WE NEED TO LISTEN!

Reading about how kids divorce too; the real view of college life; bad attitude and its effect on your life; dealing with mind issues and learning how to shop without living above your means is what Bella Elite is all about. It is a chance to walk in their shoes and see that they are not the enemy nor do they want to be left alone.

If anything you take from the Bella Elite Blog let it be that no matter where you are - you are not standing alone - you can make it and above all else it takes a sisterhood standing hand in hand with understanding and empathy, to be able to progress in life and live your truth.

I look forward to reading more stories, learning new lessons and sharing wisdom with our future generations.

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ― Oprah Winfrey



Lenetta Thomas

Bella Elite


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