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on 28 Jan 2018 12:00 AM
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Divorce can sometimes be hurtful and painful for the two parties but, no one seems more confused than the children involved. Some young minds turn to harmful activities to shield the pain in an attempt to cope with the broken home. While fighting to find an inch of peace and a dose of happiness, there many immeasurable feelings that can cause a child to drown in misunderstanding, disappointment and the thought of betrayal. When I was young, divorce was so common, as it is increasingly popular these days as well. I remember seeing friends split between homes and visitations and I always felt empathy for their situations. I knew a girl who fell into bottle after bottle, substances and poor relationships as a result of her parents’ divorce. She would blame her earthly father for never being there to protect her and show her how a real man treats a women, or console her every time a guy broke her heart.


Standing in the moment of finalizing a divorce can be a crippling feeling for some. Signed and sealed, the delivery of release may come too quickly as you realize what was once a unit, is now divided. Divorce: the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. I find it terribly disturbing that the example sentence next to the definition insights a "first divorce". How conveniently placed huh? Society is so comfortable with the dissolving of relationships that it is granted as the immediate solution to marital problems; "ugh, why don't you two just get a divorce..?" There are so many emotional avenues that are wandered during the aftermath and the most commonly stressed is the unfortunate involvement of children. Divorcees may be free to move onward or perhaps will need encouragement to move forward and sometimes there is an underlying selfishness necessary to simply adjust. No matter what the emotional status is individually, a young mind may not be able to compose a proper reaction. Then again, what is a proper reaction for a child witnessing the demise of their first heroes who were once battling it out for the sake of keeping the unit together?


You are not the only kid to endure such a tough moment for your family. Sometimes knowing that can be the start to finding healing after a divorce.

Sarah Enriquez (Far'falla Girl since 2016)

Part 2 coming in February.

*Sarah is Makeup Artist based in Chicago, Illinois.

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