Paris Couture Fashion Week 2018: Spring Collections Recap by Lauren Tiffany

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  • Paris Couture Fashion Week 2018: Spring Collections Recap by Lauren Tiffany
on 29 Jan 2018 12:00 AM
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Haute Couture means expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses. The true meaning is...Wearable Art!

That is exactly what took place throughout Paris. Major Fashion labels wowed the crowd with creative yet beautiful wearable art! 

Many designers pushed the limits while others emabraced the beauty of vintage and floral. No matter the direction a design house took for their Spring 2018 collection they definietly made the Haute very Hot. Design houses: Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent continued their reign producing something that will encourage a young girl with an wild eye for fashion to keep standing out.  

WIthout fashion we would be lost but wihtout creativity the world would cease to exisit. That's probably a far fetched idea but let's face it, clothes without inspiration and imagination would be very boring. Paris Couture Fashion Week sets the pace for all fashion weeks to come. It provides the ideas, mood, style and  inspiration needed for designers to create RTW (Ready to Wear) which is everyday clothing we wear in our everday lives. Fashion basically has it's very own circle of life and Haute Couture is what gives birth to what we rummage through everyday to simply decide what to wear to school, work, on a date and even to sleep. Now with all that being said take a peek at all the amazing works of art that walked the runway last week. 

My Designer Bae

Elie Saab/ Spring 2018

The Beautiful Coat that mad me Cry crying

Givenchy/Spring 2018

#Squadgoals Wardrobe

Yves Saint Laurent/Spring 2018

What I'm Wearing to Starbucks for Coffee....

Alain Jocard / Spring 2018

When I tell you "it's a casual dresscode and Im just wearing something simple" lol

Stephane Cardinale/Spring 2018

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