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on 28 Jan 2018 10:00 AM
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It's all love. Life is the love of His presence so we can never forget it.

Every young girl and woman has the eyes which behold the truths and virtues of life. We have seen and experienced the weight of the world and barriers of a linear society. Yet here we are, present in the greatness of our perseverance. Our emotions come from a completely different place and we are constantly challenged to explore alternative forms to express ourselves. Whether we are described as "moody", "aggressive", "demanding", "needy", "ungrateful", "having attitude", "bourgeois", "gold digger", "strong", there's one common factor: We Are Necessary. We create fruits of labor from the ripeness of the vessel to the core. We have layers which are peeled back daily and must recognize it is alright to shed. Revealing our identity and raising awareness of our individuality, values and versatility. There is a comfort level we all yearn for; search for... It's like an expedition without a tour guide and we can only follow the traces from a mother or a mentor or the unfortunate idealization of the fantasy creatures from reality shows or social media. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of respectable icons from past and present but, somehow we seem to zoom into the materialistic majesty of entertainment and celebrity. That's where we become lost. Trapped int the matrix of desires and expectations. We lose our depth, we devalue ourselves because we indulge in the world of "Hashtag goals". How can someone else's life be your goals because of a duplicated image across a screen? An image without a story is simply a fragment of imagination. I get it; a picture is worth a thousand words right? Ok. Well, start writing your own story and stop flipping through other peoples chapters. It is crucial to find comfort, growth and development in the skin you're in! Every moment is your moment! Own It! Live your best life by creating YOUR best life, not by mimicking the life of others. 

Once you acknowledge the greatness within, you will realize the majestic essence of woman comes in a grand variety. Everyday look into that mirror and see your truth and invision your happiness. Then, go into the world and create your own movement! You've got the magic girlfriend! You can make anything happen!  You are here and you are now! Always be true to yourself, create your happiness and love the skin you're in! 


Peace, Love and Glow!

Lydia Katherine

Bella Elite

Managing Editor

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