GlitterWing Girl of the Month: Abigail Enriquez

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on 28 Jan 2017 12:00 AM
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Abigail G. Enriquez  (January 2018 GlitterGirl of the Month)

Photography: Bethany Fritz of Maypole Studios Photography 
Styled by: Define Your SlayGraduates: Gyanni Reyes , Keta Collins and Sydney Martin (All Far'falla Girls)
Stylist Supervisor: Jessi Sheehan
Makeup: LaVonnya Palmer 
Hair: Stacy Denell Lee 

Nickname: Abbey, Abby, or my personal favorite is FABULOUS lol

What grade are you in? I’m a Senior so the 12th grade

Who inspires you and why? My inspiration is from the Bible, but it’s
the story of king David and how he says as he goes through the valley of shadow and death he will fear no evil, it really motivates me to go
rough times and keep my head fixated on God and trust that I will make it.

Favorite Food: French fries or any fruit

Favorite Band: not really into a band right now but most into Bruno Mars & Rihanna

Pink or Black: Definitely BLACK, because it compliments everything and can make anyone look sexy!

What accessory you can’t live without? I can’t live without my FENTY BEAUTY

Which Chris is your favorite?
CHRIS HEMSWORTH! Have you seen those abs!

Sneakers or Stilettos? Stilettos is the move!!

How has Far'falla Girl/ Lauren helped you in life?
Far’falla Girl has introduced me to some amazing people and showed me such passion & connection with others. I’ve never felt unwanted or unhappy at a Far’falla Event! I’ve al-ways felt like I belonged. It’s not very often you can find an environment where you feel so welcomed for who you are and even what you look like. There’s no competition or judgement just a bond & love between everyone. It’s really influenced me to grow as an individual a lot more. It’s more than just friends it’s a sisterhood that lives in Far’falla.


*Abby is currently in her senior year of highschool graduating in May 2018. She plans to attend Columbia College in Chicago to pursue her degree in Marketing and Communications.

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