College got too real, too fast! By Lashay Allen

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  • College got too real, too fast! By Lashay Allen
on 31 Jan 2018 12:00 AM
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I’m sure you hear all the time how High School will be the last easy four years of your life. Sorry to say that it is 100% true! College is no joke, in the sense that you get right down to business. The business of responsibility. No one holds your hand, reminds you of deadlines, or writes an absent letter. It may sound rough but this is the cold harsh reality of being on your own in college. As for me, I went over a thousand miles away from home to New Orleans. What was I thinking?! To be totally honest I was tired of being a kid in a house with a thousand rules and seeing the same faces every day. That became my excuse to go far away, so those faces I’ve seen since a kid could not possibly just pop up at school without a call first.


I decided college is a time for me to find myself, open up to new things and make my own rules that I am free to break. I was on my own and no one was going to ruin that. That was until orientation week, the point where my life began its slow spiral down to WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?! You find out real quick how much you hate all of your Freshman classes, because in the world of college everyone but a Freshman gets the chance to pick from a list of classes you will never know exist. That is until an upper classman brags about a class or professor that is not available to you. Yes jealousy will become your drive to pick your classes early or on time.  For me that was the 1st inclination that my 1st year college experience would soon become one I hope goes by quickly. At that moment of a slow descend into College hell I decided to help other girls’ transition smoothly into their college experince by sharing my 4 top frustrations to avoid. Do not do what I need learn now so living away from home is a great moment from the start.


  1. What about yo friends? What about them…..

Friends….don’t even get me started! Like myself, most of these young people have never been away from home this long or this far, so being in a new environment is not the easiest place to be when making friends or maintaining friendships.. Much like your mother or father warned you throughout your high school days, “Everyone is not your friend, and the friends you find in college right away may not last.” It is so true (Don’t tell them I agree lol) However they forgot to warn you against the best friend pact to attend the same school. You will find out quickly life is going to take you down different paths. I recommend going to a different college away from your friends. That way you can focus more on your college experience and become open to doing new things on campus. I’ll be honest when you have a familiar and fun face around you are less likely to make room for a new face to fit in. So start new and on your own.


  1.  Studying should ALWAYS come 1st

Get used to doing things by yourself. Also learn your best study habits now so you don’t stress yourself out in the first few months. For me studying is way more effective if I am not in my room. Number 3 is the reason I stress this lesson. Trust me on this one.

Sidenote: A planner will save your life and your grades rather it paper or on your phone.


  1. We know how to PARTY! That's sometimes the problem.

Don’t let Chris Brown “Party” go to your head. As enticing as it is partying can quickly become your vice. For many is turns out to be the reason they are back home before the 1st year even ends. Do not go to that lit party and you know you have a paper due by 11:59 pm. BE AWARE OF THE PARTY DAYS! Usually there are people on campus throwing parties every weekend, please CHOOSE WISELY! When I got on my campus there was a party every day that week. I was so lit by the time Monday came around I resembled a member of Rick’s squad from The Walking Dead.


  1. Make yourself at home

Do things on campus. They are there for you to take the opportunity to learn, progress and prepare for life. Depending on your college they make it their top priority to make this your new home for the next 4 years. It is important to choose every class, party, and extracurricular activity that FITS you. The name may look pretty, but make sure it is where you want to be. College may not be for everyone but these days going to college to get away from home may be the only choice you have. Trust me you don’t want to be that person everyone will talk about, because you went home after the first semester. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!! It will not be an easy transition but once you get it all figured out it will be worth leaving home to experience.


In the meantime enjoy high school and cherish those moments because college will kick you in the face if you allow it.

Lashay Allen (Far'falla Girl since 2016)

*Lashay is currently a Freshman at Dillard Univeristy in New Orleans.

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